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Relive your FCP Summit Experience! 

All 70+ sessions* are available for streaming. Content ranges from beginner to advanced topics for those interested in learning more about the Apple Ecosystem. 

*NOTE: Sessions led by the Apple Experts are not available as they were only available during the live event.

Meet a few of the Final Cut Pro Summit speakers: 

Course curriculum

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    FCP Global Summit VODs Table of Content

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    • Why I Chose Final Cut Pro - Host: Chris Fenwick, Panelists: Frederick Van Johnson, Knut Hake, Donna + Brad, Marcos Rocha

    • Ask the Experts: New to FCP/Motion? Get your Questions Answered by 2 Experts - Mark Spencer & Abba Shapiro

    • Summer Stories in Chicago with Vince Vaughn - Host: Jeff Greenberg Panelists: Vince Vaughn + Steve Douglass

    • The Orphaned Starfish Project: Changing the World through Media Education - An Interview with Andy Stein. Interviewed by Jeff Greenberg

    • Education is Everything - Hosts: Steve Douglass & Jeff Greenberg. Panelists: Don Goble, Marteana Davidson, Elaine McDonald

    • Next Generation Workflows with the Apple Ecosystem - Larry O'Connor, Jen Soule, Sam Mestman

    • Future Focused Panel - Host: Frederick Van Johnson. Panelists: Alex Lindsay, Dado Valentic, iJustine, Colleen Pendergast

    • The Gig Economy: Issues for Creatives - Host: Frederick Van Johnson Panelists: Ron Dawson, Kim Furst, Marcos Rocha, Ben Whitehair

    • Art of the Breakout: The Future of Performance - Host: Ryan Walker Panelists: Victoria Moroles, Jadah Marie, Gabrielle Elyse, and Zak Barnett

    • How to Give Great Feedback - Working Well in Creative Collaborations - Host: Jeff Greenberg. Panelists: Steve Douglass, Vince Vaughn

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    • Functionally Fast Final Cut Pro: How to Get Started Under 10 Minutes - Instructor: Abba Shapiro

    • Motion in Minutes: How to Get Started in Under 10 Minutes - Instructor: Mark Spencer

    • Final Cut Pro for iMovie Users - Instructor: Scott Simmons

    • “The Final Cut Pro Mindset” For the Track Based Editor - Instructor: Mike Matzdorff

    • Start Your Project Right: How a Professional Editor Sets Up Final Cut Pro - Instructor: Abba Shapiro

    • Making Pretty Pictures: Intuitive Color Approach for Non Colorists - Instructor: Jeff Greenberg

    • Getting People to Sound GREAT in Final Cut Pro - Instructor: Charlie Austin

    • Your Templates Can Do More! Modifying Final Cut Pro Templates with Ease - Instructor: Nick Harauz

    • Beyond Drag and Drop: How Tools Like Trimming Enhance Your Storytelling - Instructor: Abba Shapiro

    • Blueprint for a Micro Budget Feature - Instructor: Sam Mestman

    • Motion: Animation Made Easy with Behaviors - Instructor: Jenn Jager

    • Working with Words: Lower Thirds, Captions, and Fancy Animated Titles - Instructor: Iain Anderson

    • Animating Using Keynote: Charts, Graphs and More - Instructor: Iain Anderson

    • Finding the Right Shot Fast: Working Smarter via the M Word - Instructor: Nick Harauz

    • Local but Social: How to Use the iPhone and Final Cut Pro for Local Businesses - Instructor: David Cox

    • Gimbals, Gear and GO! The Key Kit for iPhone Shooters - Instructor: Aubrey Mozino

    • Mobile Audio Strategies - Instructor: Steve LaMorte

    • The iPhone 13 and Pro Video- Instructor: Rich Harrington

    • Editing Only on the iPad: Using Lumafusion when Laptops Aren’t Your Lifestyle - Instructor: Caroline Scott

    • From iPhone to Final Cut Pro: How to Start on Your Phone and End on Your Mac - Instructor: Lee Herbet

    • Getting the Cinematic Look with Your iPhone: During and After the Shoot - Instructor: Mark Spencer

    • Designing Vertical Video - Instructor: Nick Harauz

    • High End iPhone Workflows for the Indie Filmmaker - Instructor: Steve LaMorte

    • Run It Like You Own It - Instructor: Tracy Misner

    • Working with iPhone HDR in Final Cut Pro: How to Make HDR Look Great - Instructor: Mark Spencer

    • FCP Field Producers: A How To Guide For Delivery To Editors On AVID/Premiere/Resolve- Instructor: Cirina Catania

    • Turning Stills into Depth Animations (2.5) with Motion - Instructor: Jenn Jager

    • AI For Color Grading - Instructor: Dado Valentic - Colourlab

    • Be a PREDITOR with Final Cut Pro: Produce, Direct, and Edit Branded Content in Volume - Instructor: Kim Furst

    • Working Collaboratively: Tools to Work in Tandem from Tallahassee and Tunisia - Instructor: Felipe Baez + Steven Moyer

    • FCP Workflow: One Person Live Streaming Multicam Virtual Production - Instructor: Noah Kadner - FCPWorks

    • From Text Transcripts to Edit: Working Smarter - Instructor: Scott Simmons

    • Working with LUTs in Final Cut Pro: Lazy Shortcut or Pro Workflow? - Instructor: Mark Spencer

    • Color with Confidence - Instructor: Henessey Griffiths - FilmConvert

    • From Xsan to StorNext to Shared Storage Workflows On Set - Instructor: Skip Levens

    • These Shots are Never Going to Match! - Instructor: Jeff Greenberg

    • Painless Multicam Workflows - Instructor: Scott Simmons

    • The One Tool We Use in Every Edit at MotionVFX - Instructor: Dylan John Dickerson

    • An Interview with the Editor of Blood Red Sky, Knut Hake - Interviewer: Jeff Greenberg Interviewee: Knut Hake

    • From Cameras to Content: How I Plan/Shoot/Edit for My Channel - Interviewer: Chris Fenwick Interviewee: iJustine

    • Don’t Get Sued: The Legal Paperwork You Need to Know - Instructor: Seth Polansky

    • Producing Smart: How to Become a Rockstar Video Producer - Instructor: Sasha Williams

    • Editing My Podcast Using FCP - Instructor: Frederick Van Johnson

    • Living Subscription Free - Instructor: Jeff Greenberg

    • How to Build Traction on Youtube - Instructor: Bethany Gayton

    • How to Overcome Workflow Anxiety? - Instructor: Robin Moran

    • 7 Pillars of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy - Instructor: Ron Dawson

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